With Cast Members From Star Trek Voyager And Dragonball Z, ‘Veiled Alliances’ Offers A New Perception On Interactive Fiction & Games

indie developer and publisher Bushi-Go is proud to announce the first segment or “appisode” in Veiled Alliances, Kevin J. Anderson’s prequel to his best-selling Saga of Seven Suns series of novels. Available today on iOS®, Android™ and Windows® Phone, featuring cast members from Star Trek Voyager and Dragonball Z, Veiled Alliances aims to change your perception on interactive fiction and games.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9pVlaEDD9A

Veiled Alliances describes the epic ripples flowing from first contact between humanity and the Ildiran Empire. New connections between the races form and new hopes bloom, only to endure unfolding events. “Confrontation at the Prism Palace” is the first pilot appisode available today, and captures a clash of wills within the Ildiran royal family that shapes their future relations with the human race. The cast features the voices of Robert Picardo, known to sci-fi fans as the Doctor in Star Trek Voyager, and Kyle Hebert, known to anime fans as the English voice of Gohan in Dragonball Z.

In its completed form, the entire adaption will consist of 12 appisodes, each created using the Unreal game engine utilizing innovative features that enhance the story telling experience. In future updates, each appisode will be complimented with an exploratory gameplay level, offering problem solving and tasks to complete that may, or may not, unlock additional story components. Other features includes supplemental audio tracks and visual symbology providing fresh insight into the characters. The gameplay particulars will match the appisode content, and varies from classic point-and-click discovery to platforming and endless-runner style puzzles.

Featuring beautiful 3D-rendered environments, innovative storytelling techniques, a popular intellectual property as the story universe, and a cast that includes voices familiar to sci-fi and animation fans, Veiled Alliances kicks off an ambitious entry onto iOS®, Android™ and Windows® Phone.

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