Take Charge Of A Badass SWAT Team In Critically Acclaimed ‘Door Kickers’ Now Available At Games Retail Worldwide

Developed by KillHouse Games and published worldwide by UIG Entertainment, Door Kickers is an innovative real-time strategy game putting you in charge of a SWAT team with the challenge of commanding tactical interventions. Released to critical acclaim on Steam™ in 2014, UIG Entertainment is proud to announce the game is now available at leading games retail priced at €19.99.

SWAT Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swp9d9tqg7M

Door Kickers offers an action-packed 2D game with simulated real-world SWAT missions: Rescue hostages faced with imminent executions; Raid gang hideouts; Protect VIPs; Escort prisoners; Find and defuse explosives and much more. Analyze the situation, plan team routes, choose equipment and enter locations varying from shoot houses to banks, apartments, embassies and even industrial spaces. Gear up, load up, and prepare to secure the area. It may sound daunting, and like real-world SWAT work, it is. While initial levels can be completed in just minutes (with a little luck and improvisation), later levels require thoughtful planning and cunning strategy.

Key Features:
· 2D, Top-Down for optimal tactical analysis
· Real-Time With Free Pause
· No turns, no hexes, no action points or awkward interfaces
· Realistic and action-packed
· Non-linear levels, freeform gameplay
· Mission editor and “modability”
· Unlimited gameplay via mission generator and level-editor

Door Kickers is available via Steam™: http://store.steampowered.com/app/248610/


“If you like your puzzles pausable and plausable, your firefights fierce and your tactical options abundant, this is sure to be one of the best things you buy this year.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Door Kickers is a game about cops kicking down doors, and these doors are a lot of fun to kick down. It is also very hard, and I love it for that.”
84 – PC Gamer

“It’s a thing of beauty and manages to capture the planning and satisfying execution of more complex strategy games, as well as the gung-ho and the popping-off of growly man in military shooters. (…) It’s probably the best man-shootery game I’ve played in years.”
Indie Statik

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