Catch Cute Big-bellied Monsters on Tummie Island

CKS Games is pleased to announce that Tummie Island is out on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

What’s New
Tummie Island keeps the players hooked with an addictive mechanic for the match-and-vanish gameplay. A 2×2 group of Tummie monsters can be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise using simple tap and slide control. If the number of Tummies lined up horizontally or vertically is the same as the number on their tummies, they are captured and new Tummies drop from the top to take their place. Level progression unlocks new objectives, new obstacles, big game boards and timing modes to keep things fresh and unpredictable.

Detailed Description
Cuteness Alert!

A mysterious island, which is home to 5 types of cuddly looking monsters, has been discovered in the Pacific Ocean. They all grow giant tummies due to excessive consumption of candy-flavored vegetables! The discovery sparks a Tummie hunting fever. Hunters from all over the world descend on Tummie Island to capture Tummies and sell them to well-off celebrities as pets.

You are one of the hunters wishing to cash in on the insane popularity of Tummies!

To capture the Tummies, you rotate 2×2 Tummies either clockwise or counter-clockwise. If the number of Tummies being lined up horizontally or vertically is the same as the number on their bellies, a capture can be initiated. The rule is simple, but the challenges quickly ramp up as higher levels challenge you with immobile Tummies, unhatched Tummies and tricky layouts!

To make sure that the fun never stops on Tummie Island, these are some of the fun objectives:
– Capture the certain number of tummies.
– Clear the tiles the Tummies stand on.
– Make a certain number of high level chains, in a certain number of times.
– Achieve a goal score.

The objectives are to be completed in one of two possible timing modes:
– In a certain number of seconds.
– In a certain number of moves.

Other Features
– 100 exciting levels with trick layouts.
– Varied objectives and timing modes to put your reflex to the test.
– 10 online leaderboards.
– 10 challenging achievements.

Gameplay Video

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