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Tap Your Way into Adventure in Tamago Monsters 2: Dungeon

Warm up your fingers and get ready to tap your way through dungeons of great peril. Discover a world full of fascinating, cute and formidable monsters in Tamago Monsters 2: Dungeon. Published by Smartstudy, a highly ranked international developer, and released in the K!games community and gaming group, Tamago Monsters 2: Dungeon will bring you through an adventure you’ll never forget.

Never-ending Adventures – Walk through the Bamboo Forest, fight your way through Zombie Park, and watch out for the lava pits by the Volcano. The world is full of exciting new areas to explore and conquer.

Let’s Collect ‘em All – As you journey through the world, you will meet monsters of all shapes and sizes. Crack open each egg to discover special monsters! These monsters come in different rarities, Normal, Rare, Unique and Legendary; don’t miss out on a chance to capture all of them!

Get Equipped For Battle – Level up and become more powerful as you try on new powerful legendary weapons. Wield the almighty 100 Ton Hammer or brandish the awe-inspiring Zeus’ Lightning Spear as you claim your victories in the dungeons.
Jump into a world of adventure in Tamago Monsters 2: Dungeon now! You can download it for free on Google Play here!

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