How to Train Your Brain in a Fun Way – Improve Your Memory with Amusing and Addictive Mind Game on Your own Smartphone

A new matching memory game is released by Webelinx, appropriate for users of all age, a great pastime for an entire family. The game supports both single and multiplayer options. Flipping the picture cards and matching pictures guarantees lots of fun and a completely new experience.

‘Memory Game – Matching Pairs’ is a game specifically designed to help the users improve their memory skills and have fun at the same time. The success that the game has achieved among the Android device users, has greatly helped it become available for iPhone and iPad users as well. It is a classic memory game of flipping picture cards and matching the pictures. The difficulty of levels rises exponentially, meaning that the highest levels are also the biggest challenge. It is possible to choose the level of difficulty, from easy to hard, for those users who would like more challenge. A certain level of concentration is required from the users. To turn over the cards the user simply taps on them until two matching cards are found, in which case the cards will stay face up. Otherwise, the cards return to their original position, face down. The user’s task is to memorize the position of the cards in order to match them successfully before the time is up. The pictures on the cards depict various items thus making the memorizing more difficult. The goal of the game is all cards turned face up, in as few moves as possible.

Webelinx is an independent prospective company for the development of applications and games of the highest quality for mobile devices, based in Nis, Serbia. A great number of fun lifestyle, sports and social applications, as well as many useful beauty applications are developed by this enterprising company. “Geography Quiz Game” ,which reached no.1 position in the category free overall on the iTunes Store in Chile, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia and other countries worldwide, is the most recent success this company takes pride in.

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