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Causality – A Classic Puzzler, Beautifully Reimagined on the iOS

About the game:

Causality is a re-imagination of the classic puzzle game / toy of the 90s, “Lights-Out”. The objective of every stage is simple, toggle all tiles into the same color. The basic gameplay is just as the classic game, when you toggle the color of one tile, adjacent tiles will have their colors toggled as well. One can solve each stage by trial and error, or aim for a minimal moves solution, all at one’s own leisurely pace. There is no timer to rush, no expendable energy to ration, no leaderboards to climb, just play at will, like one would with an actual physical brain teaser toy.

The game contains 240 stages, broken into 8 “Chapters”. The twist to the classic puzzler comes in the form of new “special tiles” being introduced in each new chapter, bringing with it a new game mechanic each time and further adding to the challenge as the player progresses through the chapters. For example, in the second chapter, the “Chain” tile is introduced. When a chain tile is toggled by one of it’s neighbor, it will cause another set of toggling to it’s own other neighbors!

Each chapter’s stages are carefully designed such that the player can easily pick up the concept of the game mechanic introduced within the first few stages of a chapter. Not including the base gameplay mechanic, there is a total of 5 additional special tiles being introduced, each bringing something different to the table. The last two chapters does not introduce new mechanics, but will contain some of the meatiest and most challenging stages the game has to offer.

More chapters will be introduced in future updates.

Causality will be available in the Apple iOS appstore from 26th June 2014 with universal support.

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