Fuzzy Face Games Releases ‘Crobble’ A New Word Puzzler Exclusive To iOS

New UK game studio Fuzzy Face is releasing its debut game Crobble, a word-based puzzler for iPhone. Crobble challenges your vocabulary and reaction speeds with fiendishly fun gameplay that blends the speed of Tetris with the word finding challenge of Scrabble. Satisfying in small bursts or lengthy marathon sessions, Crobble is a timeless game that anyone can fall in love with.

Crobble innovates on the word genre by introducing classic puzzle game mechanics that make it feel both familiar yet exciting to both veterans and casual gamers alike. In Crobble, letter tiles fall from the top of the screen and begin to fill the play area. Players must tap the tiles to form words of three letters or more. Submitting a word causes the selected letter tiles to disappear, creating more space and earning the player precious points which will advance them to the next stage.

It’s a beautifully simple concept, and when combined with a multitude of power ups, modifiers and different game modes, it provides gamers with buckets of variety and hours of gameplay. Seamless Facebook integration also allows more competitive and social gamers to compare their progress against their friends for kudos and bragging rights.

“Our team all have incredibly fond memories of playing Tetris on the original GameBoy and with Crobble we set out to make something just as wonderfully fun and captivating,” said Chris Thomas, Co-Founder and Director of Fuzzy Face Games. “We have spent over a year tweaking and balancing the gameplay and the result is an app with truly universal appeal. Consequently, we have invested heavily in localisation to bring the game not just to English speaking territories but also Spanish, French, German and Italian.”

Crobble is launching May 22nd across global App Stores and is a free download with a single full game unlock purchase. The free download includes ten whole levels of Arcade mode. The one off in-app purchase unlocks a further 90 levels packed with new modifiers and power ups. It also unlocks two whole additional game modes, Blitz and Zen which offer fresh twists on the Crobble gameplay.

For more information visit http://www.crobble.me

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