Cava Racing is now available on the App Store.

Cava Racing is a top-down racing game. You chase the best lap times on six different tracks with your spaceship. Excelling on the racing lines and learning the right timing of boost are the key elements to raise your rank. The tracks are scattered with barrels, health kits and sometimes even teleports. The physics are similar to old classics like Gravatar and Thrust, but the rotating world and accurate tilt controls give a unique twist to the gameplay.

The Game is stripped from all the distractions and random events. No enemies. No shooting. It’s all about flying and developing your skills. Cava Racing is challenging, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll get the delight of being a master pilot.

– Key features-

Takes influence from: Gravitar, Thrust, and Top-down racing games
Top-down, world rotating around you,
Tactical use of boost,
Tilt-only controls,
Newtonian physics with limited top speed
Learning curve.

– Goals of the game:

To fly the best lap time for each track
To increase rank in the Game Center
To open up more challenging ships,
To find perfect racing lines and boost tactics.

– Platforms: iOS at launch. (other mobile platforms soon)
– Links and material –

Game trailer:

Cava Racing Facebook page:

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