Cava Racing, a visually original racing game for iOS promoting skill improvement and flow of flying – release date of February 12th confirmed.

Cava Racing is an upcoming top-down rocket racing game from the Finnish game developer, Umber Games. It will be available on App Store from February 12th.

You are a space pilot, chasing the best lap times and excelling on the racing lines.

The game is more about refined skill than random action. Original graphics and accurate tilt controls take you on a tour of unique space tracks. While enjoying the excitement of flight, the player can obtain benefits from barrels, health kits and sometimes even teleports.

The game is challenging, but has a gradual learning curve. Just as you start thinking: “Hey, I’m starting to get the hang of flying this ship!”, you’ll be given a new, faster craft.

Cava Racing will be available on the App Store for €1.99 / $1.99 / £1.49 . The release date will be February 12th. There are no in-app-purchases.

– Summary –

– Game: Cava Racing
– Takes influence from: Gravitar, Thrust, and Top-down racing games
– Key features: Top-down, world rotating around you, teleports, tactical use of boost, tilt-only controls, no brakes (Newtonian physics with limited top speed), learning curve.
– Goals of the game: To fly the best lap time for each track, to increase rank in the Game Center, to open up more challenging ships, not to crash and to find perfect racing lines and boost tactics.
– Platforms: iOS at launch. (other mobile platforms soon)

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Game trailer:

Cava Racing Facebook page:

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