Inner Chains – first minutes of the game! (Video)

Telepaths’s Tree studio, with IMGN.PRO have an honor to present new, unpublished material from Inner Chains – an upcoming FPS game with horror elements, placed in a dark, bio-mechanical world.
In the latest video it is possible to see the first few minutes of gameplay, focused on the introduction of this incredible, horrifying world, created by Tomasz Strzalkowski. Players will have an opportunity to feel the mystical atmosphere of this place, meet its inhabitants, deadly flora and attempt to comprehend its rules.
In the video, the hero wakes up in a grave as one of the pilgrims, who are trying to reach their common goal. He is weak, slow and doesn’t wield any weapons. In this stage, he is not fully aware of the real dangers, rules and harsh reality of this world. On his journey, he meets many different superficial hazards which, after the discovery of their secrets and workings of the mysterious Caste, will prove necessary in order to fight the real enemy.

The surreal world of Inner Chains will open its gates to the players very soon, swallowing them whole and immersing them in a truly horrifying and stimulating experience.