New Champion Football Kick

The game is called “New Champion Football Kick” and it’s a game about football.
The game is very simple, draw a path on the touch screen to get the ball up and flying to the goal.

What is tricky is the goalkeeper, the more you play the harder the goalkeeper is. So you have to think about how to draw the path in order to beat the goalkeeper. There are 12 levels of goalkeeper for your exploration.

In world cup mode, you will fight for one of the 32 teams to get the cup just like in real football world cup at Brazil 2014, and what make the world cup mode the most exciting part of the game is now you are not only a kicker but also a goalkeeper, and from that you may figure out how difficult a goalkeeper’s job is.
The AI in world cup mode will definitely give you the most exciting and addictive moment in the game.

Video gameplay:

The game is available in 4 appstores:
Google Play:
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Here is the description of the game that can be found on the appstore:

New Champion Football Kick – Football Festival Brazil 2014
-Fabulous football game ever, very simple but very addicted.
-Draw an awesome path for the ball to create unforgettable goal.
-The game is unique in a way that allows the user to control the ball in
real time. In another words, you can control the ball even when it is
-The game has three modes: free kick, wall kick and world cup.
-Try to go as far as possible in free kick and wall kick, let’s see how
far you can go
-In World Cup, you will find it completely addicted because now you will
play a true match, not only making a kick but also become the goalkeeper
to fight against artificial intelligence.
Who will become the new champion at Brazil 2014 depend on you.
Device Requirements:
•iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Android, Windows phone
•Requires iOS 4.3 or later, android 2.3 and up, windows phone 8.0,8.1
•Universal Application
Pricing and Availability:
New Champion Football Kick is currently Free and available worldwide in the Games category.

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