Square Enix adds multiple updates helping you advance to League, Cup and European management glory

What: Champ Man Version 1.4
Availability and Price: iOS and Android, FREE
Key additions:
· Updated player and team database
· Advanced Training Tokens
· Improved Transfer System
· Enhanced player development and match engine logic
· Improved Chief Scout logic
· Critical bug fixes

With the January transfer window deals signed, sealed and delivered it’s now time for the virtual managers on Square Enix’s popular Champ Man mobile game to update their players and teams. In its latest update (Version 1.4); the free to download game for iOS and Android sees several improved features, including up to date player and team news, advanced player training and its own improved player transfer system.

For use on the pitch, new ‘Advanced Training Tokens’, purchased using in-game CM credits or cash can be used to train players to play in a new position or improve a players set piece ability, meaning free kicks and corners can be more of a threat.

While off the pitch, the improved transfer system, enhanced player development and Chief scout logic will enable you, the manager, to develop a team and strategy that ensures you can lift the trophy at the end of the season.

So whether you’re just starting off as a manager in a lower league or you’re already in control of a Premiership or European team, the improvements in Square Enix’s Version 1.4 of Champ Man for iOS and Android are another step towards your goal!

About Champ Man
Champ Man puts you in control of any one of 400 real football clubs from over 21 leagues across the world. You take on the responsibility of purchasing, selling, creating, training and developing your team throughout this season-by-season management challenge.

Champ Man is available for free on iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod and Android for multiple devices, but does offer a variety of in-game purchase options.

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