Chicken Boom for Android from AAGH Games

AAGH Games’ popular web game, Chicken Boom, is coming soon to Android devices. Chicken Boom is a quirky, fun 2D shooting game that charges you with keeping hundreds of chickens from falling on your farm by using a range of weaponry to blow them out of the sky. From assault rifles to laser guns, you unlock new weapons to use as you play.

Chicken Boom for Android takes the Chicken Boom formula and adds high score leaderboards and achievements, as well as improved balancing and a new, cleaner interface for chicken-blasting fun on the go. We will support Chicken Boom for Android with new features in the coming months, including plans for new guns and new in-game events like the ever-popular Chicken Storm.

Chicken Boom for Android is scheduled for a February 1st, 2015 release to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the original Chicken Boom’s debut.

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