Say hello to Animin, your new digital friend on phone or tablet

The Animin are coming! 2015’s must-have mobile game launches at this year’s Toy Fair. Animin’s intergalactic domination plans are now firmly in place, with this ground-breaking digital pet game now set to achieve wide-scale gamecard retail distribution in the UK in the summer of 2015 and pan-Europe Q3 2015. Glimpse the future of digital and mobile entertainment at the Animin Booth (GH7).

Animin is available now to buy online at, in app or via selected retailers, with a UK-wide launch of Animin gamecards in leading supermarkets, toy and game retailers scheduled for summer 2015.

Animin brings digital pets to life in a revolutionary new way, using your device’s camera, MP3 player and lots more to bring the Animin into our world. Animin is this years’ must-have digital toy – your new favourite digital friend for kids, gamers and fans of cutting-edge mobile entertainment everywhere!

Choose from a range of four captivating and highly collectible characters – T-Bo, Mandi, Pi and Kelsi. Point your mobile device at the Animin gamecard from your starter pack and these unique creatures come to life right in front of your smartphone or tablet. Then bring your new Animin into the desktop or tabletop space right in front of you, to live, eat and play right in front of your eyes.

Care for and nurture your Animin, play a range of groundbreaking mini-games and collect new characters. Animin will feature a number of exclusive game features that make use of futuristic AR gaming tech in exciting new ways. For example, you’ll be able to take pictures of “Animin selfies” of yourself with your Animin, play your own MP3s using your Animin’s hi-fi and get your Animin playing with your mates’ Animins. And you’ll be able to share all of these great new game experiences on social media, of course!

With Animin, your Android or iOS device becomes a magical portal, with which you can now access your Animin’s world. Plus, the Animin gamecard also unlocks additional multiplayer* minigames and other exciting features for you and your Animin. Animin pushes the boundaries of what is capable from an entertainment app with the latest augmented reality technology.

Animin Gameplay and Characters

There are currently four Animin characters available to players – Pi, Kelsi, Mandi and T-Bo (inspired by our office pooch Suki). In order to evolve your creature from a baby through to a kid and eventually to an adult you will need to feed them, play mini games with them and administer medicine to your Animin when they are ill. The happier your Animin is, the sooner it can evolve into the next stage of its life. You have to see it to believe it!

Animin is far from just a game. The Animin experience is a tantalising glimpse into the future of online avatars. Animin brings the digital world into the real world environment in a playful, entertaining and astonishing way.

Evolution – There will be FOUR stages of evolution – baby, kid, teen and adult. To evolve your Animin, you will need to care for it and keep it in a happy and healthy state so you are rewarded with Zef coins. You will need to collect Zef coins to evolve your Animin to the next stage of evolution. To collect extra Zef coins and evolve your creature that little bit sooner, you can play the mini games to be rewarded with more Zef coins.

Zef coins are what you will need to evolve your Animin at each stage of its life. You will need a certain amount of Zef coins each time. The amount you need will be displayed in the stats screen. Zef coins can be used to buy food, medicine and in-game items for your Animin.

The healthier and happier your Animin is, the more Zef coins you will receive. However if your creature is not happy and also unhealthy you will not receive any tokens at all and your Animin will not evolve to the next stage of its life.

Caring functions – As soon as your Animin is born you will need to feed and take care of it. You will be able to see how happy, healthy, hungry and fit your Animin is by looking at the stats on the stats page. Each time these are running low or are on empty you will need to give the appropriate action for your Animin to be content and satisfied. You can also make your Animin too tired by playing with it too much and can make it fat from overfeeding, so be careful to give them just the right amount of everything they need.

Play – At launch there are TWO initial mini games you can play within the app, you will need to play these games sometimes to keep your Animin happy and fit. As you evolve your Animin you will unlock more mini games.

Feed – You will start with TEN basic food items that you can feed you Animin. As you play the mini games you will unlock and additional SEVEN different types of food, each containing different levels of nutrition that your Animin will need at different points of its life.

Health – Sometimes we all get sick, and when your Animin is ill you will need to choose from a range of healthy superfoods to make them better.

Clean – Just like any living creature, your Animin will have to go to the toilet sometimes and you will need to clear the mess away. If you leave the mess, your Animin will become sick, will not want to play the mini games and will not be able to evolve to its next stage of life.

Social and sharing functions – You can play with your friends’ Animins on networked minigames and you can share your “Animin Selfies” via your favourite social media feeds.

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