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Detective Case and Clown Bot in: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon ON YOUR PHONE AND TABLET

Nerd Monkeys ® videogame
arrives on mobile devices on January 22nd

Murder in the Hotel Lisbon was originally launched in December 2013 on Windows, Mac and Linux. It arrives now on mobile devices, fresh face and ready to conquer a new audience. Improved and with extra features, the mobile version is compatible with Android e iOS (and in a near future, Windows Phone).
Detective Case and Clown Bot in: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon is a retro styled point and click adventure and humor videogame. With a launch price of $2.99, £1.95, 2.49€ it will be available internationally in Portuguese and English on the App Store and Google Play.

This new version contains a giant magnifying glass that allows the player to find all the clues, even in the smallest phones. It also includes 15 trophies and a leaderboard accessible through Game Center or Google Play.

For those who just want a quick laugh and think that $2.99 is expensive, the mini-game “Stand Up Clown” will be available for free separately.

The videogame:

A strange murder has occurred in the Hotel Lisbon, a man committed suicide with 14 stabs to the back while at the same time he peacefully drank his coffee. This case with contradictory facts was too complex for Policeman Garcia to solve, so he decided to hire the only detective duo in town capable of solving it: the mythical Detective Case and the unmistakable Clown Bot.

Murder in the Hotel Lisbon is a videogame inspired by the classic point and click adventures from the 80’s and 90’s. It adopts these eras characteristically design and it is built using only the pixel art technique. The game itself runs at a native resolution of 256×192, the same resolution used by the old ZX Spectrum 48k and most recently by the Nintendo DS.

With the mythical Detective Case, also known as the world worst detective, a man so rough and rude that his witnesses would rather be run over by a slow moving freight train than to be questioned by him.
And the hilarious Clown Bot who, although he works as a Detective Case’s sidekick, he hopes in reality that one day he will get a job as a circus clown. Unfortunately, and no matter how many applications he sends, no circus will ever accept a clown that is afraid of children. He never sleeps, so besides working by day as a sidekick, he also works by night as a stand-up comedian in a local bar. People say that he is a joke machine.

Mega trailer – http://youtu.be/7mOVGfaJv60

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