Chomp-Chomp: Frenzy Farmers

FriedCroc has released its new title “Chomp-Chomp: Frenzy Farmers” for iPhone and iPad. “Chomp-Chomp” offers a combination of ages-proven classic minesweeper gameplay with beautiful high-quality isometric graphics bringing a new life to the already known game mechanic.

In “Chomp-Chomp” you have to plunder the carrot farm. The player is initially presented with a grid of squares where some randomly-selected squares contain a trap. The game is played by revealing squares of the grid. If player founds a trap, he loses the game. Otherwise, one or more carrots are collected and a digit is displayed in the square, indicating how many adjacent squares contain traps. The player uses this information to deduce the contents of other squares, and may either safely reveal each square or mark the square as containing a trap.

As an enhancement to the classic minesweeper gameplay, “Chomp-Chomp” offers useful power-ups to use when player is in doubt:
– stone can be dropped on a square to safely check for a trap;
– calling a UFO allows to scan 9 squares, revealing their contents;
– hint box can reveal contents of all border squares.

Full version of the “Chomp-Chomp” costs $1,99. Lite version of “Chomp-Chomp” is also available and offers 10 levels of gameplay at absolutely no cost.

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