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Com2us launches major update of Ace Fishing: Wild Catch on App Store and Google Play

Com2us announced the launch of the new season of their top-rated sports title, Ace Fishing: Wild Catch.

Season Two comes on the heels of the game’s first anniversary of the global launch and includes several exciting new features including:

· New Fishing Areas: Players can fish along the Yangtze River among other famous landmarks.

· New Accessories: Players can acquire accessories to add to their fishing rods to increase bonus properties including Critical Damage, Critical Rate, Accuracy and HP.

· New Pearl Disassembly System: Players can disassemble 1-star pearls or higher to gain Pearl Powder and power-up accessories.

Com2us has built a reputation for developing top-rated sports games and Ace Fishing: Wild Catch has been recognized for its high-quality 3D graphics and gameplay. It has been the top rated mobile fishing game since its global launch last year and has helped pave the way for Com2us to break out into the Western market. Com2us had a record financial year in 2014, thanks in part to the success of Ace Fishing: Wild Catch, and plans to continue supporting the game and hopes to excite new users and reinvigorate the existing community with this update.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is available worldwide for free on App Store and Google Play and players are encouraged to join the community on Facebook.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AceFishingFB

For more information, visit www.com2us.com

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