Conquer the adorably absurd with Romans In My Carpet! on iOS and Android

Witching Hour Studios are thrilled to announce that their new, highly silly 2D turn-based strategy game, “Romans In My Carpet!”, will be out today, May 28 on the iOS App Store and Google Play for US$2.99!

Romans In My Carpet! is centered around the absurd adventures of bedbugs who fly the flags of ancient Rome and Britannia in their conquest for dominion of a college dorm room. Accessible yet thoughtful wargaming mechanics stand toe-to-toe with adorably silly 16-bit pixel animations and humour by way of Monty Python.

As players control either the imperial Romites or the tribal Breetles, they’ll have every opportunity to set adorable spider-driven chariots upon nekkid bedbug barbarians as they fight off poop-flinging catapults. These little mites shall brave the hororrs of a modern-day dorm room with its food-encrusted carpets and other dusty paraphernalia.

Both factions have six unique units, each with special abilities and strengths, and they’ll do battle through the ‘we-go’ system of turn-based combat, where friend and foe attack at different initiatives in the same phase.

Heaps of cunning will be required to outwit the 10 battles of the single-player campaign in “Romans”. Asynchronous multiplayer matches against friends and random opponents will keep the Romite-Breetle war bristling long afterwards.

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