Corpse of Discovery Available Now on Steam

Corpse of Discovery, Phosphor Games’ thought-provoking first-person planetary exploration game, launches on PC today. As a lone astronaut venturing across the terrain of uncharted planets searching for answers, the most crucial thing on your mind is how you can complete the mission you’ve been tasked with and return home to your family.

You can watch the Corpse of Discovery launch trailer here:

Corpse of Discovery is centered around the universal truths we often grapple with as we work to figure out our identity and how to best balance our time, our most precious resource. Heavily inspired by Creative Director Chip Sineni’s experiences as a developer spending long hours away from his family, Corpse of Discovery became a way for him to connect with others who’ve faced similar challenges. To keep his loved ones as near as possible while working on the game, he incorporated them through voice-overs and imagery.

As you search different planets for mission objectives, map undiscovered expanses, and fight against scorching heat and wild storms, messages from home serve as constant reminders of what you have given up in the name of the mission.

A deeply personal game about the cost of ambition, Corpse of Discovery encourages players to ask themselves: What is worth sacrificing for success?

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