Following its first title “Les Misérables: Cosette’s Fate”, Microïds has once again the players discover one of the French literature greatest classics with “Les Misérables: Jean Valjean” on iPad, iPhone, PC and Mac and soon on Android.

Several films (over 50), plays, cartoons and musicals have adapted “Les Misérables”, one of the world’s most famous novels. Cosette’s story gives a glimpse at the beginning of the 19th century in France and has reached several generations.

In this new adventure and hidden object game, the player embodies Jean Valjean who, once released from prison, is about to steal Monseigneur Bienvenu’s silverware, who provided him home and shelter. But the bishop’s generosity taught him virtue and integrity. When he arrives in Montreuil-sur-Mer, Jean Valjean becomes Monsieur Madeleine, the city Mayor. He comes across Fantine to whom he promises to save Cosette from the Thenardier.

In ” Les Misérables: Jean Valjean ” , the player follows the steps of famous novelist Victor Hugo’s hero, through a dynamic hidden object video game, adapted to mobile devices. The player’s sense of observation, exploration and deduction are challenged to save Cosette. Browse through the novel’s legendary scenes, escape from Javert, take part in the Saint Denis street revolution and many other twists and turns await the player in the cold atmosphere of 19th century Paris.

In this first person game, the player can move freely from one scene to the next to collect or combine the objects necessary to progress. He also has to regularly win multiple varied mini-games (e. g. recreate the map of Paris’ sewers, pick a lock, organize jars…) in order to unlock the situation to move on in the adventure, in high definition interactive scenery and a brand new interface specifically adapted to mobile and computer supports.

In case the player is stuck, he can punctually use the integrated help system that provides clues about the next action to carry out.

For the literature fans, 50 facts about the novel are spread all along the adventure. The player will have to play close attention to learn those facts.
Keep the promise made to Fantine by helping Cosette escape from the Thénardiers, in ” Les Misérables: Jean Valjean “, available since May 29 on iPad, iPhone, Pc and Mac and soon on Android in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

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