New Crafting Video Details Forgestone and Cauldron Systems for Rogue Wizards

Spellbind Studios, an independent games studio dedicated to creating high quality and accessible core role-playing games, is proud to share a new trailer introducing the Forgestone and Cauldron crafting systems for Rogue Wizards, a rogue-like, dungeon-crawling, town-building RPG for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. In development for over a year, Rogue Wizards is recruiting fans looking for a new world building RPG meets dungeon delving experience to help support its ongoing development via Kickstarter that ends on November 11.

“We’re excited to offer our growing base of supporters and fans a closer look at our crafting system via the Forgestone and Cauldron, which complement the procedurally generated dungeon and loot systems in Rogue Wizards,” said Spellbind Studios founder Colin Day. “Our project has secured approximately half of its goal, which is a great milestone for us. We’d like to thank our community for helping us get this far and ask for their continued support in spreading the word of our project over the next few weeks to help make Rogue Wizards a reality.”

Rogue Wizards invites players to battle creatures, collect loot, master magic, and build a Wizard Tower in a rogue-like, dungeon-crawling, town-building RPG. At the heart of Rogue Wizards’ unique approach to these game genres, lies its dungeon mode. Featuring procedurally generated environments and loot, no two dungeons or weapons will be the same, offering players an incredible amount of re-playability and character progression as they uncover the mystery behind a series of portals appearing in the world. Although combat features a traditional turn-based combat system, fans of the genre will notice a remarkable increase in terms of pacing; battles feel fast and furious while still requiring strategy and planning.

In between rounds of exploring dungeons, slaying creatures, and discovering new loot, players can also look forward to a complex and rewarding Town Building experience at the Wizard Tower. Here, players can enhance and customize the way they play by building a thriving town, brewing their own reagents, crafting and buying their own gear, powering up their magic, and recruiting help in order to further strengthen their Wizard for diving into deeper and more difficult dungeons. More info at

Praised by David Brevik (Diablo, Marvel Heroes), Erich Schaefer (Diablo, Torchlight), and Mike Booth (Nox, Left 4 Dead), Rogue Wizards aims to deliver a genuinely unique approach to the RPG, action RPG, and rogue-like genres.

“A smart blend of town building and dungeon crawling to create one of the most promising RPGs in years.” – David Brevik: CEO Gazillion Entertainment, Creator of Diablo Series, Marvel Heroes.

“Spellbind’s Rogue Wizards is taking procedural rogue-likes in an exciting and thoroughly charming direction.” – Mike Booth: Game Director at Blizzard Entertainment, Creator and Designer of Nox and Left 4 Dead, Founder of Turtle Rock Studios.

“Spellbind is making exactly the kind of game I would make for mobile & desktop. I’m jealous, and I want to play!” – Erich Schaefer: President Double Damage Games, Designer Diablo 1 & 2, Torchlight 1 & 2.

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If you love RPGs, Action RPGs, or Rogue-like titles, we need support from the gaming community to make Rogue Wizards a reality. More details about Rogue Wizards, the development team’s plans and goals, and tiered pledge rewards can be found on the Rogue Wizards Kickstarter page:
You can also support Rogue Wizards by voting for it on Steam Greenlight:

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