Gloria Victis May Update – Crafting, Economy and World – Bears and Swimming

The update brings huge additions to crafting. As seen in the various screenshots players are now able to use the resources gathered which was made available in previous patches to craft into various items.


However, this is only the frames of our sandbox, skill based crafting system and is far from the final concept. However players can already see elements of our final concepts in the current bare frames for instance the variety of items that players are already able to craft which is only a mere fraction of a fraction of what will be present upon full development.

Stage One Crafting Update (Current):
– Ability to gather resources
– Ability to use resources to craft into items
– Ability to gain proficiency in a craft
– Proficiency Based Success
– 250 Recipes (Already!)
– Temporary Access to all professions for test purposes

Final Goal Crafting:
– Unique animation for every gathering and crafting process
– Crafting process mini-game extension
(Reflexes, Timing, judgement, stable hands and dextrous fingers will be needed for these tasks)
– Skill of player determination of success
(Tasks still can be delegated to chance (based on proficiency) with easier tasks having 100% success rate for master craftsman such as smelting ore but higher end tasks such as the actual forging of a blade would be benefited by a skilled player taking over the process personally)
– Addition of many, many more recipes
– Players have a maximum of 200 crafting points, mastery of a craft requires 100 points be put in. Therefore, players can choose to be a jack of all trades, a specialist or a bit of both.
– Possible extension of maximum crafting points if the player decides to invest in wisdom traits in character creation / development.

Per our goal of having a player driven economy, we have removed nearly every item which was available at NPC vendors. These items are now craftable and players must buy/sell these from/to other players.

Stage One (Current):
– Removal of craftable items from vendors
Final Goal Economy:
– Completely player driven economy
– Replacement of NPC shops with player owned non-instanced shops / stalls

This update also brings a 30% increase in playable area as well as many seaside locations to enjoy as well as many bug, performance and other minor fixes. Also we have opened up a thread on our forums to show the exact development progress such as software development screens, so if you haven’t joined our forum community yet all the more reason to do so.

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