Crusaders Quest new update brings a whole new look to your favorite heroes! (Video)

TOAST, the publishing brand of NHN Entertainment USA, brings more customization to Crusaders Quest with new costumes and soulbound weapons! New costumes bring new looks and better hero stats to the six chosen characters! Our fans have contributed more heroes to the long list of over 250 Crusaders, and now Arita (Japan), Lee (Taiwan), and Vesper (Korea) are included in this latest update of mobile RPG greatness, Crusaders Quest!

The Witch Festival opens only once a year! And now you can see the work of the proud alumni as they exhibit their academic masterpieces. The witches have created powerful brews, built brilliant magical structures, and crafted terrifying hexes for arcane pedestrians to try at the festival!

Join the party as you find yourself in the “Time Acceleration Magic” Ancient Dungeon where allies’ block creation speed has increased drastically, allies’ speed and movement increases, but where the magic of the dungeon prevents all Skill Blocks and Goddess powers to be left at the front gate.
Enter the “Crash! Heroid” Ancient Dungeon where your heroes must face off against some of the top witches’ golem creations where only the most skilled warriors will survive. Only critical hits will put a dent in these massive machines, so be careful when recruiting your team or you’ll be quickly crushed under their destructive gears.

The Fortress of Souls expands its catalogue of Soulbound Weapons with more heroes receiving their most prized possession. Find their new weapons hidden within the Golden Weapon Boxes. Turn your weaker weapons to scrap and raid Soltar’s dungeon for crystals and shards to empower your new Soulbound weapons for these illustrious heroes:•Rochefort


■ Key Facts
•Title: Crusaders Quest
•Genre: RPG, Action
•OS (Update Release Date): Android, iOS (1/25/16)
•Pricing: Free (in-app purchase)
•Audience: Mobile RPG
•Developer: Load Complete
•Publisher: TOAST