Crush Your Enemies and Zombie Night Terror Coming Soon (Video)

The winds have shifted, the stars have aligned, and the time for battle has arrived…well, that and the ale casks have finally run dry. Crush Your Enemies is coming July 13 to PC, iOS, and Android with a 15% pre-order discount on Steam, Humble Store, Green Man Gaming, and Games Republic.

Let Brog and Vile Monarch show you how it’s done, defeating their enemies with explosive hedgehogs, moonshine, and inflatable naked decoys – truly the cutting-edge of barbarian technology. Don’t see how those things can be used to devastate your puny enemies? Then why not try the game’s free demo that’s available on Steam now to find out for yourself!

Watch the new Crush Your Enemies Developer & Barbarian Commentary Video:

Battleaxes and horned helmets not your cup of tea?

Zombie Night Terror is coming July 20th to PC. Lead the zombie horde through the city, mutating to bypass hazards, infecting innocent humans, and chowing down on fresh meat. Forget about saving the world. After all, the only way to survive the zombie apocalypse is to BE the apocalypse.

Crush Your Enemies and Zombie Night Terror are the latest titles in a growing list of games to be funded via the Gambitious Digital Entertainment investment platform.