Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey Will Be Available from early November (Video)

Crytek has announced that its upcoming PlayStation® VR adventure , Robinson: The Journey, will be available on November 8 in the US and Canada, and November 9 in European territories, Australia, and New Zealand at a recommended price of $59.99/€59.99. The game will be distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment via major retailers and be available to purchase digitally from PlayStation Store.

Robinson: The Journey harnesses the power of PlayStation VR and CRYENGINE V to immerse players in a stunning new sci-fi world. Gamers will step into the shoes of Robin, a young boy who is left stranded after his spaceship has crashed on Tyson III – an unmapped planet where dinosaurs and jaw-dropping discoveries await at every turn.

Teaming up with AI companion HIGS and baby T-Rex Laika, players must unravel the secrets of their surroundings as they look to make contact with lost crewmates and survive amid the beautiful – but deadly – environments of Tyson III. 

Crytek also revealed the box art for Robinson: The Journey today, offering players a fresh glimpse of the world they’ll encounter when the game launches next month.