CTU – Counter Terrorism Unit (Video)

As we approach the launch date for CTU we’d like to share some details of the AI in CTU.

Whilst the game does feature working online multiplayer for up to five players across all levels, some gamers may enjoy playing the game offline with AI partners.

Beginning with just one AI – which is all your unit can afford, you will need to complete missions successfully and the money earned can be used to hire additional partners.

You can customise the equipment of each AI partner by choosing from primary weapon, heavy armour and frag grenades.

Whilst in a mission you can issue a selection of orders to your team mates. These range from following – covering an area, using the snake eye camera and opening doors. You can also divide your team into Charlie and Bravo groups to split up and cover a greater area.

Activate the head camera of your AI and a window will appear on screen showing what the AI can see. This will allow you to initiate better co-ordinated attacks against terrorists. Check out the video below to see the AI in action: