Cubemen 2

Game Overview

Cubemen 2 is a fast paced, action packed, original 3D Strategy game where you use your little Cubemen units to defend and attack enemies in a range of awesome game modes including CTF, Skirmish, Territory and more.

Cubemen 2 blends the Tower Defense and Realtime Strategy genres into a fresh and exciting new experience that empowers players with easy to master play mechanics mixed with deep and challenging strategy modes, all with the ability to customise game settings in great detail to allow for a huge range of play options.

For the multi-player enthusiasts, you can compete in up to 6 player online Solo or Team battles against other humans or AI, for the top spot on the global rankings. Host your own online games or join other games in the easy to use and intuitive game lobby. Cubemen 2 currently o!ers full cross-platform multi-player games on all platforms. For those that prefer the single-player experience, Cubemen 2 o!ers 2 unique singleplayer game modes plus several defense Campaigns, all with online rankings so you can compete against the worlds best.

Play on an almost endless supply of new and exciting user generated levels, or launch the easy to use built in level editor and make and share your own. All downloaded levels are stored locally so you can play your favourites when online. Cubemen 2 o!ers enough variety to satisfy everyones strategy gaming desires.

Key Game Features
■ Five outstanding game modes including CTF, Territory and Rescue!
■ Customisable unit skins… Play as Cowboys, Knights or even Luchadores!
■ Built in Level Editor to play and share your own levels
■ Customisable level themes… Choose from over 20 styles
■ No static towers. Move your Cubemen around the level and attack or defend at will
■ Campaign modes where you compete against others for a global ranking
■ Up to 6 player cross-platform multi-player carnage
■ Find new online levels to play with a single click
■ Nine specialised unit types including path blockers, mines and freeze lightning
■ Real 3D levels with Teleporters, Healing Stations and #oating platforms
■ Online ranking for all game modes
■ Teams and individual multi-player games against Humans, AI or both!
■ Clean, rich and simplistic visuals that keep the focus on the strategy

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