Ballpoint Universe: Infinite

Ballpoint Universe: Infinite is an adventure taken right out of a student’s notebook. The entire game was made using ballpoint pen drawings to create an imaginative world to explore. Explore vast doodle realms, and take missions for shoot-em-up action in the skies.

As you explore the doodle home-planet of Entrino, you’ll learn of the struggle between the Doodles and the Logicians (log-ish-ans). Meet eccentric characters like Greg, the baseball-cap-wearing TV set, and Rake, the owl-obsessed soldier. As you explore, you’ll approach closer the eye of the storm and unearth the secrets of the doodle realms.

Utilize a full customization system to make your own ship. Choose from an arsenal of guns, beams, shields, blades, and more to create your personalized ink-ship. Combo your kills to let loose a screen-clearing overload attack. With over 40 parts to customize your ship with, there’s plenty to see and try in missions.

And of course, we can’t forget the ‘Infinite’ part. Try your hand in Infinite Mode, and endless barrage of enemies, wave after wave. Test your skills in a procedurally generated gauntlet in the infinite skies!

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