In Planets,3 the player will be free to explore the universe as he sees fit and attack any monster he may encounter. However he will have to find the optimal combination of materials to build the most relevant equipment (weapon, armor, vehicle etc.) to face given enemies and his surroundings in order to survive and continue to progress in the game.

A variable open world
In Planets3, as in any other role-playing game, monsters are present in a given area determine its difficulty level. The monsters’ level is based upon their equipment characteristics and core statistics such as health or strength.
In addition to monsters, the level of area is also determined by the “hardness” of its consitutive blocks (granite, sandstone etc..) Only advanced-enough tools will enable players to pick those blocks up.
Therefore it is the combination of both the average hardness of blocks of an area and the level of the monsters spawning in this same area that characterize the level of difficulty.
The player will have to navigate progressively through the world of Planets3, each area providing useful rewards for the next one.

Crafting and NPCs
NPCs, which are core elements of the game’s storyline, are essential to the evolution of the player in Planets3. The master craftsmen teaches the player the manufacture of certain classes of objects, like Watts the blacksmith, master of weapons and metal armor in the game.
Each NPC has its own story that the player will discover throughout the game.
Planets3 crafting mechanism is based on an assembling system. Each object is divided into different parts, whose shape and material define its statistics.

Item’s construction interface
Build vehicles to go further and faster
To speed up the exploration of the world in Planets3, the player can build vehicles, another essential element of the game that influences the storyline.
Vehicles are made of blocks, among which are “control blocks” that interact together.

For example, a terrestrial vehicle should include wheels, an engine and a cockpit. The materials used to build the vehicle condition whether it will be optimized for one type of ground or another (desert rocks, snow, etc..), and will therefore be faster or slower.

Some NPCs also offer different “ready-to-use” vehicles in exchange for resources. But the real benefit of the system is definitely to create one’s own vehicle!

Vehicles made of blocks
Planets3 is schedulded to release in summer 2015 on PC.

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