Curve Spacetime to Navigate Dangerous Cosmic Hazards in AGRAV: Inertial Orbit

AGRAV: Inertial Orbit launches today on iOS! Developed by German studio null2, AGRAV gives players the power to create black holes with the tips of their fingers and “ride” curved spacetime like a cosmic surfer. Fans of vector graphics, astrophysics, and electronic music: This game is for you.

In the emptiness of vector space, astral beings known as Gravmites are trapped within the void – along with the player’s ship – and helping them escape is the only way out.

An astrophysics-driven puzzle game, AGRAV: Inertial Orbit is packed with 90 intense geometric physics-based puzzles that are fully rendered with sharp-looking 2.5D vector graphics. Players will need to navigate around geometric barriers, activate switches, and avoid cosmic hazards with their own gravitational fields (like neutron stars) to reach the next level. The puzzles may seem complex, but AGRAV’s intuitive controls will allow players to slingshot around obstacles in no time.

“Playing with advanced astrophysics as a core game mechanic while working on AGRAV: Inertial Orbit has been one of the high points of my career as a developer,” says Leo Minutillo, CEO of null2. ”Just getting from Point A to Point B is quite the challenge . . . not to mention avoiding the pull of neutron stars! If you wish that vector graphics never went out of fashion, prepare yourself for a mind-bending experience.”

Key Features
l Unique retro-futuristic vector graphics inspired by ‘80s arcade games
l Novel touch controls and game physics for deep, strategic gameplay
l 90 levels of inventive environmental puzzles
l Electronic music score by former IGF finalist DJ Glow
l Medals, achievements and leaderboards to challenge your friends

Pricing & Availability
AGRAV: Inertial Orbit is an iOS exclusive and features 30 levels – but players wanting more can access 60 additional levels packed with more challenging puzzles, explosive mines, and lasers through the game’s premium DLC (priced at only $1.99).


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