Escape vector space and use gravity to slingshot around neutron stars in AGRAV

Vector graphics. If you grew up in the ‘80s, you probably have a soft spot for them. From the wonders of the Vectrex to TV’s Automan, everybody thought the future would be made of 3D wireframes bathed in neon blue.

Enter AGRAV, an astrophysics-driven puzzle game where you can touch and BEND space to maneuver your ship around dangerous obstacles. It’s a cool gameplay mechanic — and it looks even cooler in action. Check it out:


In the vast emptiness of vector space, astral beings called Gravmites have been trapped within the void. With nothing but gravity to propel your ship (and nothing to lose), you must help the Gravmites escape in exchange for your own freedom.

In AGRAV, your ship’s path is determined entirely by the laws of relativity — just like Einstein predicted 🙂

Placing black holes through multi-touch gestures allows your ship to “maneuver” through curved space — avoiding geometric barriers, hitting switches, and defeating cosmic hazards that wield their own gravitational fields . . . like neutron stars. And you get to do all that while listening to an awesome electronic soundtrack by DJ Glow (

AGRAV is packed with 30 intense geometric physics-based puzzles, fully rendered with sharp 2.5D vector graphics. The puzzles may seem complex, but AGRAV’s intuitive controls will allow you to slingshot around obstacles in no time. Just don’t expect to nail every level on the first try 🙂

AGRAV features 30 levels — but players wanting more can access 60 additional levels packed with more challenging puzzles, explosive mines, and lasers through the game’s premium DLC (priced at only $1.99).

— Unique retro-futuristic vector graphics style inspired by ‘80s arcade games
— Novel touch controls and game physics allow for deep, strategic gameplay
— 90 levels of inventive environmental puzzles
— Electronic music score by former IGF finalist DJ Glow
— Game Center integration: medals, achievements and leaderboards

AGRAV is an iOS exclusive. The game is free to download and play, and it includes 30 levels. If players want to go for the Beta and Gamma levels (containing 30 levels each — for a total of 60), they can be purchased for $1.99.

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