Mammoth Gravity Battles, the most hard-core artillery game ever invented, is now on Google Play

Mammoth Gravity Battles, the most hard core artillery game ever invented, is now on Google Play. Mammoth Gravity Battles takes a fusion of artillery and turn based strategy to the extreme as projectiles trace chaotic winding paths through the real physics of space-time warped by the gravity of stars, planets, block holes and wormholes.

Aiming in a simulated 3D gravitation field is NASA rocket scientist complex, something players will never have experienced before. Fortunately a robust single player campaign introduces the game elements gradually keeping it fun. The players start learning about 2D gravity fields with all elements confined to a plane (same beautiful 3D graphics) before tackling the chaotic wonder of the full 3D gravitational many-body motion. At the end of the campaign players are ready to destroy friends in four player battles using all of the 16 different weapons. Battlegrounds are procedurally generated and a range of AI levels mean the game can be played again and again; each time a new emergent experience. Nothing beats the surprise when a shot orbits a star and hits you in the back or when you pull off a tricky shot through a wormhole.

• Gameplay with realistic physics simulation of 2D and 3D gravity
• Single player campaign
• Procedurally generated space battlefields – never the same game twice
• Multiple weapons – from standard cannon to mini-gun and rocket-pod
• Destructible planets that fragment and stars that supernova
• Multiplayer battles on one device, pass and play/hot-seat

Mammoth gravity battles has just been released to on Google Play store and will be available later this year on iOS, PC, Mac, Linux.

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