IQ Safe – the successful game goes live on Google Play.

IQ Safe successful game is now live on Google play as well as on Amazon and WP. The smart game has been upgraded its Ux design, letting you choose digits by dragging them in or out of the dials. This small feature upgraded the game and it is far more fun to play now.

IQ Safe is considered by many to be the best game on WP, according to 120K downloads and 1350 reviews.

As a player you’d be asked to crack a sophisticated 9 dial safe scattered around famous world cities.

The game has many levels build up to 3 main sections: ‘Easy’, ‘Advance’ and ‘Pro’. Each level requires a different strategy for cracking the safe.

‘Easy’ level lets you spot solution quickly and fast. ‘Advance’ level requires you to use the elimination process to crack the safe and ‘Pro’ level will make you choose your way by gambling on the right pass to solution under stressing time.

The game features a Campaign mode build up from 180 unique games spread around famous world cities and more than 1400 in ‘Fast game’ mode that are open as progressed, so you get hours of fun and satisfaction while sharping your IQ .

Great game for those who love Sudoku and mind games or as one of many reviews says: ” Best game for smart people.. And interface is very friendly…”

Download now from Google play, Android 2.3 and up.

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