Successful blugri game “Air Hockey”: now also for Android and Nokia X devices!

After conquering the heart of the Windows Phone players, blugri’s interpretation of the game hall classic “Air Hockey” is now ready to be enjoyed on Android and Nokia X devices!

With an average 4,5 star review score and more than 200 000 downloads on the WP platform; we are convinced that Android players will also love Air Hockey from blugri.

Air Hockey from blugri features an irresistibly cool design and an extremely smooth and flawless game play. The designs are inspired by cut out paper art, and have a “frosted” look that feels reminiscent of real ice hockey. Playing is possible in one player mode (against a virtual opponent) or in two player mode (two players on one device). The two player mode is ideal for challenging friends to play a game of Air Hockey. A heads or tails animation determines which player can start.

Our physics engine will make sure the game play is as realistic as possible.
Players will feel excited when their device becomes the perfect air hockey table!

Air Hockey from blugri features:
– High-quality graphics & sounds
– Smooth gameplay
– One player and two player mode
– 3 difficulty levels
– Unlimited fun
– Available in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch and Russian.
– For Windows Phone, Android and Nokia X

Time to hit the ice!

Google play:

Nokia X ovi store url:

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