After successful debut on Android, “Supercar Shooter” is now on Windows Phone and Amazon Store

After successful debut on Android, the explosive 3D car racing cum shooting game Supercar Shooter (rated 4.6/5.0 on Google Play) is now available on Windows Phone Store and Amazon Store and it now also supports Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets. The games explosive promo video can be seen at

The game features attractive Supercars that race against each other and then attack opponents with weapons like Homing Missiles, Machine Guns, Rockets and Laser Mines to blow them up with cool explosions. There are also additional power-ups like Energy Shields and Nitro Boosts.

This game’s concept demonstrates the next level of evolution for the old style kart race & death race games as here the fastest supercars race up to a top speed of 480 km/h and use weapons that are effective at these high speeds to slow down opponents. The winner of the race is often qualified by both his steering and shooting skills.

• Attractive and Powerful Supercars with Top Speed of 480 KM/H
• Attack Opponents with Homing Missiles, Rockets, Machine guns and Laser Mines to blow them with cool explosions
• 8 Race Courses, 9 Beautiful Supercars, 7 Championships providing hours of entertainment at a small price
• Supercar racing in Kart Race / Death Race Style
• 3 Race Types: Armed race with weapons, race with Nitros and the Classic race for the fans of nfs2.

The game’s author Sudhir Singh is a professional software developer and he developed this project as a hobby over the last one year. He is committed to delivering high quality standards, adding new features, weapons, cars, maps and supporting other platforms with this game.

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