Safe Cracker

Supergonk, an independent video game development studio, is pleased to announce the release of their latest game: Safe Cracker. The game is available to download worldwide, for free, on the iOS App Store with immediate effect.

Safe Cracker challenges players to take control of the world’s sneakiest thief and her miniature robotic hacking assistant: Nano. Can you penetrate the inner systems of a secure vault mechanism, and crack it from the inside out? Avoid deadly lasers and bouncers, and use physics to your advantage to solve the safe’s numerous puzzles. Play the game using intuitive tilt or touch controls, bouncing your way through 64 varied levels to reach the ultimate prize hidden deep within the vault.

The development team behind Safe Cracker previously worked on the critically acclaimed iOS title Tiny Invaders, which was included in the Apple iPhone 4 announcement keynote and continued to be featured on the App Store for several months after release. The team have gone even further with Safe Cracker, creating extremely high-quality art, audio and gameplay innovations for the game. We hope you enjoy it!

Genre: Action Puzzler
Platforms: iOS/Android
Release Date: iOS: 19th December 2013
Android: Early 2014
Trailer video:

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