“MATCHIIZ”, a new exciting and fun 3D Puzzle game developed by HyperDevbox, is now available for Android via Google Play!

Tokyo-based mobile game studio HyperDevbox proudly announces the release of “MATCHIIZ” for the Android operating system. In “MATCHIIZ” game your mission is to burn all the MATCHIIZ to gain point and bonuses.

“We are proud and excited to release a polished 3D Puzzle game for Android. MATCHIIZ is designed around the simple concept of burning matches on a table. “MATCHIIZ” is a game fun and rewarding to play, it will appeal to a broad audience” says HyperDevbox founder and CEO Carlo Perconti.

Some of the “MATCHIIZ” features include:
• A fun and refreshing 3D Puzzle game based on matches.
• Addictive 250+ Levels with progressive difficulty.
• Unlock 56 Google+ Achievements.
• Google+ Leaderboard.
• Google+ Cloud Save.

“MATCHIIZ” is available now as a freemium game on Google Play

Language: English/Japanese/Spanish/French

Additional game details are available on HyperDevbox Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/hyperdevbox

and HyperDevbox web site

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