Duende! is an exciting arcade/action/puzzle game for Android. Available now on Google Play.

Duende! is a game that will test your reaction time and quick thinking. Catch the little creatures (a.k.a Duendes) by simply touching them. Catch them in preset patterns to perform combos and boost your score. Chain combos for the ultimate boost! Play through 50 levels of arcade mode, completing tasks such as keeping yourself alive, making “4 of a Kind” combos, or even finding mystery items. You can also compete with other players by playing in Survival Mode and take the top spot on our online leaderboards!

The game can be found here:

How To Play:
– Touch duendes to catch them
– Swipe incoming projectiles to destroy them
Game Features:
– Stylized HD visuals
– 15 different combos to chain
– 50 levels in arcade mode (more to come!)
– 5 survival mode maps
– Online Leaderboards
– Achievements

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