Delightful Action Adventure Game Trouserheart Journeys to Google Play

Finnish game developer and publisher 10tons Ltd. announced today the action adventure game Trouserheart by Dicework Games is available immediately on Google Play for a reduced launch price of 1.99 USD. The list price for the game is 2.99 USD.

“The reception of Trouserheart on iOS and on Amazon Appstore has been delightful. We’re really pleased to now have the game on Google Play as well.” says Tero Alatalo, CEO of 10tons Ltd.

Trouserheart is a lighthearted action adventure game set in a humorous fantasy world. The player, as King Trouserheart, must recover his stolen pants by slaying dozens of monsters, collecting treasure, upgrading his equipment and beating up unique bosses.

•Instantly accessible hack’n’slash action adventure gameplay
•Simple and super fluid touch controls
•Lighthearted tone with just the right amount of challenge
•Perma-death mode for experienced gamers
•Developed with state of the art Unity technology

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