Trivia Crack gets revamped and launches collectible card series in version 2.2

Trivia Crack was released in the Americas in mid-2014, followed by a European release in the beginning of 2015. Since then, it has become a worldwide success, captivating an audience of all ages and reaching the #1 spot in app stores across the US, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands and more than 30 other countries. In version 2.2, the game takes on a whole new dimension and the challenge rises to new levels. The characters you’ve grown to love got a makeover, and to bring them into your card collection you will need to combine wit and strategy.

The game’s success is accompanied by several honors and awards, aside from breaking downloads records. Trivia Crack became the game with the longest stint at the top of the ranking in the history of the US, maintaining the #1 spot for over 60 consecutive days.

Discover the Collectable Cards and unleash their Special Powers
Now, players will be able to earn and buy “Gems”, which will allow them to acquire cards with amazing prizes (lives, coins, gems, extra spins), to use during each game.

Enter the Amusement Trivia Crack Park to find the Hall of Special Card Machines. Use the machines to trade gems for new cards and collect them along with a mind-blowing variety of 180 characters organized by themes, such as: Mythology, Cinema, Food, Zodiac Signs, Pirates, Civilizations, and Superheroes, among many others.

Activate the Special Machines
The special card machines come in three types, each of which will give you a collection with different types of cards and amazing rewards. As you progress through the questions and score points, you will level up and the machines will become available, granting you access to different card collections. The more points you score, the more Gems you’ll obtain to acquire new cards!
Moreover, after each series is complete, you will get an exclusive card with special prizes.

• “Magnificent”: This machine dispenses in majority Common Cards. Use the rewards of this cards to advance faster in the game.
• “Majestic”: Get a selection of Gold and Aqua Card with amazing rewards and love lasting characters.
• “Imperial”: The VIP machine. It’s the toughest one to activate, but it will provide the more powerful Aqua and Black cards, which come with exclusive characters and rewards.
Rediscover your favorite characters, now dressed up for every occasion. Prize cards are the hardest to get but will unleash their Super Powers. What are you waiting for? Come on over and challenge your friends!

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