DARK TRAIN – 2D hardcore adventure game (Video)

Are you curious about what it’s like to be a disobedient squid ANN 2.35f with four tentacles controlling a whole train? Ridiculous? No! DARK TRAIN is a 2D atmospheric hardcore adventure (no hints, no text, no help!) in an oppressive setting full of handmade papercut visuals, logical puzzles and mysteries about famous inventor D. W. Tagrezbung. As a player your task is simple. Leave the gates of Border City.


•atmosphere – dark oppressive setting
•audiovisuals – unique paper-art style and coherency
•exploration – non-casual exploratory game feel
•story – strong narrative with direct action gameplay
•narration – non-textual, situational
•no hints, no help – there is always a way to solve it


•Dark Train have won Czech Art Game Of The Year Award 2016
•The game was also featured in official Unity GDC 2016 Game Showreel.
•Dark Train has got 81% average review score so far.


As a player you take the role of mechanical squid ANN 2.35f ? that controls the most important invention of the famous inventor D. W. Tagrezbung – DARK TRAIN. However, this is no ordinary train at all. Thanks to the mysterious order from unknown client, Tagrezbung had to put into his invention a detailed and heterogeneous model of the human world. Your task is to solve secrets of the Tagrezbung’s invention and deliver DARK TRAIN successfully into the unimaginable finish. Beware of fact that journey is the destination. At first stage – leave the Border City and pass the baton!

Our story follows the journey of the inventor D. W. Tagrezbung and the mysterious contract from unknown client which he received years ago. Even as a child, he created a functional model of the universe and throughout his life drew attention to himself thanks to a number of significant inventions. At an advanced age of his peaceful life he received the last big contract with a very strange assignment. The client requested the creation of a model of the human world that embraces changeable weather and civilization. What he did not want to be part of the model was the human face or even people themselves. The actual challenge was presented by creation of transportation that would be capable of delivering the order. Inhospitable territory stretching between the client and the inventor is for centuries connected only by rail. Therefore D. W. decided to create a self-sufficient train with four wagons where each wagon will contain one familiar environment from his world. Eventually D. W. Tagrezbung devoted the rest of his life to the client’s order. The day the train was finally ready to go, the famous inventor died.