Rhythm-Action Game, Klang, Hits the Right Beats for Hardcore Gamers (Video)

Publisher, Snow Cannon Games, and developer, Tinimations, announced that Klang, their widely-acclaimed, rhythm-action game, released on Steam.

Set to an original electronic dance music soundtrack created by legendary composer, bLiNd, players must become one with the music to progress in Klang, battling through increasingly challenging levels while timing every action to audio-visual cues.

“What makes Klang different from other rhythm games makes it challenging,” said Tom-Ivar Arntzen, Klang’s sole developer. “Klang blends the variety of tasks players perform in action games with the timing challenges in rhythm games. The result is an immersive experience where players must pay attention to what they’re doing and the music they’re doing it to.”

“We feel Klang’s unique take on rhythm games will provide a welcome challenge to Steam’s hardcore rhythm players and an enjoyable experience for its broader audience,” said Espen Askvik, CEO of Snow Cannon Games.  

Klang and its soundtrack are on Steam for $14.99 and $7.99 respectively, but can be purchased together for $19.99. Through Sept. 29, Klang and its soundtrack are 20 percent off.