Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself, a dark sci-fi horror game (Video)

Dark first person perspective sci-fi horror game set in A.I.-controlled facility with compelling story to unravel available on the App Store and Google Play


Driven by ideals, young scientist Dr. Laird seeks to secure the global peace using his controversial nanorobotic inventions. Gifted but naive, he accidentally corrupts nanorobots supervisor A.I. program. Hence, M.I.R.A. is born – self-aware artificial intelligence, malicious and driven enough to follow her twisted agenda ferociously. Do you have what it takes to intercept and terminate her cold, virtual brain and free the mankind from her sociopathic grasp?


Play as M.I.R.A. Prime, A.I.’s uncorrupted twin sister. Control cybernetic body to outsmart and defeat dangerous tyrant. Navigate the maze of corridors in underground military facility, find a way to deactivate evil artificial brain. Maintain sufficient energy level – avatar use this essential resource to operate and perform various actions (life sustain, damage mitigation, gun usage, invisibility module activation, etc.). Avoid or destroy dangerous obstacles – facility’s defense systems (security cameras, sentinel turrets) and biological monstrosities. Should you come too close to the facility’s heart – the Mainframe – M.I.R.A. herself will materialize to deal with you personally. Plunder lockers, drawers and chests and make use of the loot – batteries replenish energy, nanocoins can be spent to buy useful upgrades. Upgrade your avatar to stand a better chance against all odds – upgrade energy storage, optimize gun energy cost, enhance hacking abilities. Hack impenetrable defence systems or gather essential intel from scattered logbooks to proceed.


– Dark, climatic surroundings of abandoned military compound, pictured using high quality visuals
– Superb voice acting (M.I.R.A., deceased facility workers and soldiers), believable sound effects and atmospheric ambient music
– Compelling story to unravel – fabular pieces scattered through M.I.R.A.’s base of operations (personnel voice data logs and laptops)
– Flexible playstyle choice – from careful, methodical stealth-based tour to dynamic, trigger-happy speedrun and everything in-between
– Several achievements to gain, multiple upgrades enable avatar customization