DeadKings Indie Game

Big Corporation is happy to announce the release of DeadKings. Players are reincarnated as medieval knights, who will explore the ghastly interior of an old castle. Able to wield daggers, swords and a single candle to light the way, gamers must battle untold creatures lurking in the darkness. In this story driven role playing game, DeadKings unfolds through the acquisition of grand treasures and the ability to survive medieval contraptions. Players must free the deceased Kings of the throne and discover the ultimate weapon buried deep inside the castle halls for their final quest.

DeadKings Installment #2: Single or Multiplayer campaign. Explore a Massive castle with Hundred of rooms, Secret passages, over 35 NPC’s, Scary creatures to burn, and help your friends survive. Play online multiplayer or 25 hour single player campaign. Full Inventory. Secret hallways. 50 Advancing Levels.
•Hundreds of treasures to loot and share
•2-4 Multiplayer and Cooperative gameplay
•Equip-able inventory, cursed items
•Strong Creature AI has been added to the Castle floors
•Minigames and puzzles to solve

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