Indie game Ace Maverick for iOS

Icebergs ahead!! Ace Maverick is being released for iOS. Ace Maverick is a fast paced contemporary helicopter action adventure. Experience the rush of piloting a heavily armed helicopter through epic arctic landscapes. Protect your supply ships, take out hostiles and save the day!

All this with super straightforward controls, no need to keep track of buttons or dig into flight terminology. Just put down your thumbs and enjoy that great level of satisfaction that can only be experienced through mastering the skies with unlimited ammo.

Features in short
•Streamlined controls allows all players to take on the AAA category
•Stunning arctic environments with at least one polar bear
•Culturally neutral setting for players of all backgrounds
•No ads or IAP
•Premium game with free new content.

Device Requirements:
Ace Maverick is designed for and works only with newer iOS devices that supports “metal” graphics.

•iPhone 5s
•iPad mini with retina display
•iPad Air

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