Skydoms: an epic RPG game from the creators of Trivia Crack

Etermax announces today the launch of its new title: Skydoms – an engaging role playing game that blends typical puzzle features with classic RPG elements, taking the genre to a whole new level. Users will have a new game experience and will need to rely on their wit and strategy when combining their game pieces to gain maximum points to evolve their fighters.

Fight monsters, dragons and wild creatures to advance through the world, to achieve the best possible movements and lineups in order to maximize the damage dealt to your enemies. Enjoy incredible characters and choose your favorites to join your team!

Visually stunning, Skydoms brings a deeper and richer gaming experience to the classic match-3 puzzle games. With over 300 originally designed characters and hundreds of battle quests, it guarantees hours of entertainment.

In Skydoms players create their own team out of over 300 fighters and can team up with their friends. The challenge lies in advancing from level to level as they conquer each island and evolve their team of fighters to unleash the most deadly powers. Additionally, players will be able to create their own PvP battleground for endless social action.

Skydoms is launched worldwide today in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch. In the upcoming version the game will be also available in Russian.

Skydoms is available for free on iPad, iPhone and Android devices so head over to either store and become the greatest in the PvP battlegrounds!

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