Announcing Tumblestone, a new game from the creators of The Bridge

Last year, The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild released the award-winning Escher-inspired game ‘The Bridge’ on Steam and XBLA. Now, they are pleased to announce their next game, ‘Tumblestone’, which will release on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux this autumn.

Tumblestone is a casual, competitive multiplayer game focused on fast-paced pattern matching. Tumblestone’s beautiful, hand-drawn artwork will captivate you while the maddeningly addictive gameplay will keep you playing “just one more round” with your friends. Don’t be fooled by similarities to other Match-3 games – Tumblestone reinvents the genre with a unique experience that you won’t forget.

Features of Tumblestone include:
– Addictive Gameplay: Playing “just a few more rounds” with friends could easily turn into a late-night Tumblestone marathon.
– Beautiful Visuals: 100% hand-drawn, 1080p artwork. The vibrant scenes and dynamic characters bring the game to life.
– Multiplayer: Challenge your friends and/or the AIs in local or online versus modes, or work together in the cooperative mode.
– Single-Player: Sharpen your skills with the Marathon, Heartbeat, and Puzzle game types.
– Variety: A dozen charming characters and backgrounds to unlock.

Tumblestone will be playable at the SxSW expo March 7-9 and at PAX East on Sunday, April 13.

Tumblestone website:
The latest gameplay trailer:

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