Dear Charlotte – First episode of horror series soon to be on PC (Video)

Your name is John. You wake up in a familiar world but something has changed. Your surroundings are toxic and you are only alive because of the hazmat suit you’re in. Your communicator beeps and you hear a familiar voice is heard on the other side. The voice tells you that he is your creator, and you must listen to him in order to stay alive.

About the game:
‘Dear Charlotte EP1’ is a survival horror game inspired by the works of famous studios such as Frictional games and Red Barrels. The game happens within the ruins of ‘Quantic Medical Research Facility’.When an outbreak happens at the facility, you are rescued by one of the research scientists, named Dr. Kremlin; a mad scientist who is believed to be the cause of the predicament you are in. Using his guidance the player must discover clues as to how he can manage to escape the facility. EP1 describes the events of how the player managed to escape this facility with the help of an unknown force.

The game is a bold re-imagining of the classic survival horror genre for the modern day gamer. Blending a deep narrative with terrifying atmosphere and tension filled survival gameplay, Dear Charlotte is an imaginative take on the long lost genre, perfectly portrayed in games like Silent Hill. The game is dark,intense, and disturbing.