Death Skid Marks, available now on STEAM!

Death Skid Marks, that game featuring a deadbeat mullet on a dumb as hell road trip, is finally available through Steam!

For a mere 9.99$ US you can now take part in the most stupid ultra-violent and, most of all, unique gaming experience this world ever saw.

So what are you waiting for? Get in the car and get your kill on!


-Trashy humor and art.
-Original metal/rock/punk soundtrack featuring 50 tracks.
-Frenetic top down hardcore car combat action.
-A full run that lasts around 1H30, replay often but die often.
-Completely random levels, infinite replay value.
-30 achievements that all unlock new content.
-32 vehicles to drive.
-Over 70 different items to buy.
-Gambling mini-games.
-Weapon workshop and Mad scientist to modify your weapons… and friends!
-16 hitchhikers.
-11 bosses and over 50 different enemy types (not counting variations).
-14 different game modes.

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