Kawaii Killer : hug me to death – iOS / Android / WP8

Kawaii Killer is an epic & fun cartoon-gore game for iOS / Android / Windows Phone 8 Tablet computers and Smarphones. The goal is simple: you are Davy, a young trapper walking in the woods. You’ll meet a whole bunch of cute animals that you’ll have to kill restlessly.

But beware! Each animal is special! If the fox needs only a simple tap to be killed, you’ll have to perform a slice to kill a rabbit, while the frog needs to be torn apart using two fingers! You’ll have to face 14 different animals in Arcade mode, beat the timer in Speedrun mode, win badges and medals in dozens of alternative challenges!

· Intuitive gameplay, fun and accessible
· Game system challenging player’s observation skills, memory, agility and reflexes
· Super cute graphics meeting cartoon gore
· Lots of sceneries following the seasons
· Multiple game modes and harcore challenges for the strong-headed
· Achievements that unlocks content in the game
· iOS Game Center and Google Play Game Services integrated

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